Meet the Team

Gregg Albers, MD


Robert I. Elliott, MD


“The essence of the specialty of Family Medicine is the family, and the relationship that is built with it over time, the relationship helps form a partnership that optimizes the health of the individuals within the family. In my practice, I have been blessed to care for individuals from birth to over a 100 years of age. It is an honor and a privilege to help create, coordinate and share in the care of patients as they seek to live a healthy life.”

Keith Metzler, MD


“I am honored and yet humbled to be entrusted with the healthcare of my patients and will work together with them conscientiously, to achieve their optimal health. This entails addressing physical, psychological, and spiritual issues, as indicated, to maximize their wellness and wholeness.”

Manuel Peralta, MD


Carin K. Schofield, ACNP

Nurse Practitioner

“I believe in assisting patients to achieve the highest level of wellness possible for their current stage of life. I will help patients work through whatever barriers stand in their way, and will assist in linking them to resources that can provide positive change outcomes. Trust, honesty, and integrity are essential to my relationship with patients.”