C-19 Vaccine Update

We now have a COVID Hotline!

Call 434-321-5545 to hear the most updated information regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine and how you might obtain yours.

In addition to our COVID Hotline, we also have a Covid-19 Vaccine Waitlist!

While patients do NOT have to sign up for the waitlist, this tool will allow us to mass communicate & schedule patients with texting capabilities as vaccines become more readily available.

We are currently attempting to schedule patients within Phase 1b. We anticipate that vaccinating everyone on our waitlist and patient rosters will continue well into the year. If you have the opportunity to get vaccinated elsewhere sooner, we encourage you to do so!

PLEASE DO NOT call our care centers in an attempt to make an appointment for the vaccine, as we are methodically contacting patients in order to maintain a system and order to our process.  Vaccine allocations are still limited, so we are not able to schedule  on-demand at this time.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience!

VDH Phase 1b Information