Central Virginians Gain Greater Access to Clinical Trials

Javara, an Integrated Research Organization (IRO) that focuses on increasing patient access to clinical trials, and Central Virginia Family Physicians (CVFP), a family medicine focused healthcare group and a member of Privia Medical Group, a national physician organization, have partnered to offer industry-sponsored, outpatient clinical trials to CVFP’s patients.

“This partnership helps us expand our efforts to deliver high quality, cost efficient care by working to prevent, detect and treat conditions that affect millions of Americans each year,” said Mark Kleiner, MD, a Family Medicine Physician at CVFP Forest.

Physicians at CVFP will lead cutting-edge clinical trials providing volunteer opportunities that best fit the patients’ needs and interests. As an Integrated Research Organization (IRO), Javara ensures clinical trials are a readily accessible part of patient care options. The partnership between Javara and CVFP means Central Virginians will have more access to the clinical trials that bring cutting-edge therapies to patients.

“Integrating clinical research operations in CVFP care centers exemplifies their dedication and commitment to clinical trials being a viable option for patients,” said Sam Cable, Senior Director of Clinical Operations at Javara. “CVFP and Privia Health are known for connecting patients with resources to power their health and giving them control over their care and we are honored to expand resources through clinical trials to Virginians.”

Before a new drug or device can be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for broad use with patients, they must be proven to not only be safe, but effective as well, through clinical trials. Access to clinical trials has often been limited to academic medical centers and a small number of physician practices with prior clinical trial experience. Javara brings that access to CVFP, allowing research opportunities to be available to an increased number of physicians and patients by putting the infrastructure in place to conduct cutting-edge clinical trials.

About Central Virginia Family Physicians

Central Virginia Family Physicians is an established independent practice with seven regional family practice offices, three immediate care facilities, a main lab, diagnostic center, sports medicine clinic, and student health center. They are committed to their vision of serving patients and being a positive change in healthcare by delivering high quality, cost-effective healthcare services while also providing a great patient experience.  More information regarding CVFP is available at www.cvfp.net.

About Javara

Javara, a U.S based Integrated Research Organization (IRO), brings clinical trial participation direct to point of care– for both providers and patients. Together with their top tier healthcare partners, they directly reach patients and healthcare providers; bringing the right trial to the right patient and the right provider at the right time. www.javararesearch.com