LU Partners With Local Practice To Open New Community Clinic

Dave Walls

LU Partners With Local Practice To Open New Community Clinic.

On June 15, Lynchburg, VA – The Lynchburg medical community is about to get a larger addition, with the opening of the new Liberty Mountain Medical Group. The new office is a partnership with Central Virginia Family Physicians, something Dr. Ronnie Martin says is important to the school. – ABC13

Dr. Ronnie Martin, D.O. of the Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine says the school chose to reach out, rather than compete with local practices, saying “Medical schools, traditionally, are viewed as somewhat predatory. We’ve decided we’d rather partner with the existing practices, augment and supplement.” Dr. Thomas Eppes at CVFP says the partnership will take a lot of the challenges of starting a new practice out, saying “It’s really hard to build to kind of build the practice “de novo”, without anybody giving any input, or billing, or those kind of things.”

Eppes says he’s very pleased the school chose Central Virginia as the practice to partner with. “You can choose to re-invent the wheel, or you can say ‘Hey, there’s someone doing it well, and I’ll choose to work with you’, and that’s what they chose to do.” says Eppes.

The new Liberty Mountain Medical Facility will be opening on Wards Road in Lynchburg at the end of the month. Dr. Martin says the new facility will provide students with a great learning experience. For patients, it will allow easy access for x-rays, blood pressure checks, and everything in between.

Eppes says students working with doctors from CVFP are a partnership that will benefit patients, and help shape the next generation of medical professionals. “Medicine is one of those things-you have to have patients to understand the process. You’ve gotta touch, feel, and see and interact with patients to become a good physician.”

Dr. Martin emphasized this does not affect the school’s relationship with Centra, saying Centra has been and will continue to be a fantastic partner for Liberty students. As for this new facility, the school says they’ll be ready for a soft opening at the end of the month.

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