Wishing Dr. Eppes a Happy Retirement!

At the end of today, Dr. Thomas W. Eppes, Jr. will hang up his stethoscope one last time! We celebrate and appreciate his 41 years of medical service to our community 👏
In the words of Dr. Eppes, “My work as a family physician has been one of the greatest joys of my life, a divine calling from the Lord I have been blessed to fulfill. As I step away from active practice, I step into the work of developing Collaborative Health Partners (CHP) and mentoring CVFP’s up-and-coming physician-leaders. It has been said, the greatest impact one can have is in the legacy one leaves behind. As such, I am confident you will continue to find excellent care at CVFP, and I wish you the best of health! For CVFP and CHP: To infinity and beyond.”
Please join us in wishing Dr. Eppes a well-deserved, “infinity and beyond”! ❤️

Dr. Thomas Eppes - Forest, VA family practice physician